Thirty-Four Birds


  • Image of Thirty-Four Birds
  • Image of Thirty-Four Birds
  • Image of Thirty-Four Birds
  • Image of Thirty-Four Birds

Digital archival print on Somerset satin 330gsm paper with a deckle edge
Signed edition of 50
70 x 54cm
Printed with Jealous


If you'd like your print framed, just let me know:
The framed price is £350 + delivery

List of birds from top-left to bottom-right:
Sulphur Crested Cockatoo . Hawaiian Akeepa . Gouldian Finch . Purple-Crowned Lorikeet . Peacock
Violet-Backed Starling . Cedar Waxwing . Spangled Cotinga . King Parrot
Shining Honeycreeper . Green Headed Tanager . Village Indigobird . Red Headed Bullfinch . Sultan Tit
Kingfisher . Ring Necked Parakeet . Red Capped Robin . Glossy Starling . White Capped Starling
Red Headed Cardinal . Hawfinch . Black Dacnis . Green Magpie . Parrot Finch
Indian Pitta . Black-Backed Fruit Dove . Double-Eyed Fig Parrot . Golden Oriole . Rosy Bee Eater
Quail . Fire Tailed Myzornis . Blue Jay . European Jay . Emperor Penguin

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Image of Thirty-Five Birds
Thirty-Five Birds
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